The director of the Danish Players Association, Michael Sahl Hansen has accused Barcelona of “bullying” Martin Braithwaite.

Barca are pushing the Denmark striker to leave this month, but he is reluctant to do so.

It has now been reported that the club are prepared to ‘go to war’ over Braithwaite’s contract at the Nou Camp, which does not sit well with Danish football chief Hansen.

He said:

The treatment that Martin is experiencing is completely unreasonable. Something that probably falls somewhere between bullying and harassment. It’s shameful how FC Barcelona is trying to get him out of his contract, out of his job.

A player who came to his rescue when they were pressured is now in disgrace. Where is the decency?”

A contract is a contract and FC Barcelona and Martin committed themselves for two more years. Martin must continue to fulfil his part of the agreement. And so must FC Barcelona.

And besides, it would correspond to one of the biggest clubs in the world treat their players with greater respect.

By Amara

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