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Robert Lewandowski had his watch, worth around €70,000, stolen when he stopped for supporters on his way to Barcelona training on Wednesday.

Police tracked down and detained the thief, who had buried the watch, nearby.

As Lewandowski, a €45million summer signing from Bayern Munich, posed for photographs with fans in his car outside Barca’s training ground, the thief managed to open the passenger side door and swiped the watch, much to the player’s surprise.

Lewandowski attempted to chase him but he got away. The Polish international immediately called the police, who took his statement, arrested the thief and recovered the stolen watch

Barca have had problems with security at the entrance to their training ground before, with players complaining about stunts pulled by people making videos for TikTok.

However, the Spanish club say they will now make further changes to security to avoid similar incidents happening in the future.

By Amara

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