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Jurgen Klopp is partly to blame for the chaos that engulfed Saturday’s UEFA Champions League final, according to France’s interior minister, after encouraging Liverpool fans to flock to Paris whether they had tickets or not.

Chaotic scenes outside the Stade de France saw supporters with tickets having to wait in enormous queues, before French police sprayed tear gas at scores of peaceful fans – including women and children – waiting outside the gates.

French police however blamed Liverpool fans for the disruption before Gerald Darmanin sensationally claimed up to 70 per cent of tickets sold were fakes, and that between 30,000 and 40,000 English supporters were carrying forgeries.

Prior to the final – Liverpool’s first in the Champions League since they beat Tottenham in Madrid three years ago – the club’s boss Klopp had said:

I don’t want to invite people to Paris but this time it is big enough.

But speaking at a press conference at the French Ministry of Sport, Mr Darmanin laid part of the blame at Klopp’s door, saying:

It is only in football with certain English clubs that there are these problems.

The presence of so many British fans without tickets already happened, notably in 2019 in Madrid. And it created similar types of difficulties. There were the same issues at Wembley last year [at the Euro 2020 final].

The behaviour, the disorganisation and a huge market in fake tickets. And I remind you that the coach of Liverpool a few days ago called for fans to come to France even without tickets.

And we found ourselves with tens and thousands of British fans of whom a part has fully respected and bought tickets or went to the dedicated fan zone.

I remind you that there were tens of thousands of fans in the fan zone without problem. They have respected the rules. But there was a smaller but active part that clashed with our security system.

On Monday, UEFA announced that it was opening an independent report into the pre-match trouble.

UEFA said that Dr. Tiago Brandao Rodrigues, a Portuguese politician, will compile an independent report that will spell out what happened in Paris.

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