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Peru assistant coach Nobby Solano has criticised FIFA for making the country and Australia play their World Cup qualifying play-off in Qatar.

The two sides will go head-to-head in Al Rayyan to decide who will go through to the tournament in Qatar later this year.

Solano has slammed the decision, highlighting that the World Cup was moved from the summer to November because it was decided the conditions would not be safe for the players.

He said, according to inews:

The game is kicking off at nine o’clock and they’re saying that the stadium is air-conditioned, so it will be fresh when we play.

But we’ve been training in Spain until this weekend because it’s just too hot to train in Qatar during the day.

We’re being asked to play in the same conditions that it was decided that the World Cup wouldn’t be possible to be played in.

For a game of this size, with so much at stake, I’m not sure that’s really good for either us or Australia. Although it’s obviously the same for both teams.

The decision to allow Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup has been a controversial topic since the announcement was first made.

The country’s human rights record, treatment of LGBTQ+ people and alleged abuse of migrant workers building the stadiums have all been criticised in recent years.

German football’s managing director Olver Bierhoff criticised the country this week, saying:

Such treatment of homosexuals is absolutely unacceptable. It in no way corresponds to my views.

What award criteria for a World Cup does FIFA actually apply? Because awarding a tournament is the sharpest sword to push for the necessary change.

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