Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka says he sees a long-term future at the club.

Xhaka admits he feels settled after almost leaving a year ago.

He told ESPN:

I am very happy here. My family is very happy here. I have a contract for another two years, it is true.

I will be 30 in September but I don’t believe in age. You can be 18, you can be 90, you can be 35. If you have the quality, you can play.

We had a lot of people who were here as well — David Luiz for example — who had an amazing career, 33, 34, 35, he is even playing now.

That’s why age is only a number for me. As long as I am fit, as long as I can help the team, I will try to do everything. When the moment comes, I can’t do that, I am the first to say to the club: ‘I am not ready to do that’

By Amara

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