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Gunshots were fired at the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) building in Istanbul amid an armed attack on Thursday night.

A board of directors meeting was taking place when bullets were fired. Interior minister Suleyman Soylu says there were 11 shots fired in total, five of which hit the building.

The Turkish football governing body confirmed in a statement that there were no injuries and that the perpetrators had been caught.

According to a statement on TFF official website:

While the Board of Directors of the Turkish Football Federation was in a meeting, an armed attack was carried out by an unidentified person or persons on our administration building in our Riva Hasan Do─čan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities.

It is our greatest consolation that there was no loss of life or injury as a result of the attack. Our security forces managed to catch the perpetrators of the attack in a very short time with the operation they started. We have no doubt that the Turkish justice will give those responsible for the incident the punishment they deserve.

As the Turkish Football Federation Board of Directors, which has stated many times that Turkish football should be in friendship and unity with all its stakeholders since the first day he took office, we would like to state that this treacherous attack will not prevent us from working to move Turkish football forward from its current line.

Turkey legend and TFF board member Hamit Altintop was present at the meeting when the attack took place and had to throw himself to the floor.

He said:

As soon as we heard the gunshots, we threw ourselves to the ground. My peers on the board thought I was injured. We were lucky. I hope the attackers are found soon.

Interior minister Soylu stated that there were two suspects involved and claimed that they were both “drunk”. He added:

God protected us. The bullets passed very close to us.

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