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Kylian Mbappe has reportedly been in contact with Paul Pogba and his brother Mathias, following claims the Juventus midfielder used a witch doctor to cast a spell on him.

According to RTL, the Paris Saint-Germain superstar called the Pogba brothers on Thursday to ascertain as to why he has been namechecked in the scandal.

It’s said that Mbappe phoned them in order to gain the perspective of both brothers, to get a better understanding of the situation.

Mbappe and Pogba are well aware the affair is explosive and harmful for the French team just over two months away from the World Cup, hence the importance of discussing the subject.

As previously reported, Mathias published a bizarre video online on Saturday night – in four languages (French, Italian, English and Spanish) – promising ‘great revelations’ about the Juventus star.

A statement signed by Paul Pogba’s lawyers, his mother Yeo Moriba and current agent Rafaela Pimenta, said that the videos ‘are unfortunately no surprise’ and were in addition to other ‘threats and extortion attempts’.

One such threat, Pogba reportedly told investigators, was to claim that he had asked a witch doctor to cast a spell on Paris Saint-Germain superstar and French team-mate Mbappe – something which Pogba denies doing.

Mathias’ outburst was followed by the former Manchester United star reportedly telling French authorities that he was held hostage by a gang armed with assault rifles in an attempted blackmail plot.

It’s said the gang demanded £11million from the World Cup winning midfielder, with the men wanting money for ‘protection services’ stretching back 13 years, including the time he spent in Manchester.

Pogba claims two armed men said they ‘protected him discreetly’ during a period that spanned more than a decade, including during two spells at Manchester United, the last of which ended earlier this year.

Former Crewe and Wrexham player Mathias, 32, hit out at his brother for his ‘lies’ before claiming to have ‘explosive information’ about Mbappe.

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