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Romelu Lukaku has revealed that he’s fully motivated to succeed at Inter Milan this season.

The striker, on-loan from Chelsea, admits he wants to end the doubts following his disappointing 2021-22 season in the English Premier League.

He said:

The season at Chelsea has given me extra motivation to do even better than before because I think in a year people have forgotten the things I am capable of on the pitch. That is a kind of anger that I have inside of me.

Also the fact that the team did not win last year. All together we hope to do better and at least bring something home.

Asked why he says he was wrong to leave Inter a year ago, Lukaku also stated:

Honestly in a lot of things, I think that before, when I left, I wanted to go back to Chelsea because when I was young they were my team for 11 years, now I have the opportunity to go there and think of being a protagonist.

But in March, when I heard there was a chance to come back here, I didn’t say anything, slowly I didn’t say anything, but towards the end of the season we did a great job with the club and I was able to come back.

I only reflect at the end of the seasons, after the last few games, I had the opportunity to think about what was the best situation for me, I saw that the players at Inter had a good season, for me at Chelsea, on the other hand, it was difficult and even in the future I had doubts that my situation would change and that’s why I decided to come back here.

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