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Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood, who stands accused of rape and assault, has seen his bail extended.

It was announced in April that an extension to the 20-year-old’s bail had been requested.

Greenwood remains under police investigation following his arrest on January 30, with allegations of sexual assault and threats to kill made against him.

The latest update from a Greater Manchester Police spokesperson is:

Following a hearing yesterday (Thursday 23 June 2022), a 20-year-old man arrested on suspicion of rape, assault and making threats to kill on Sunday 30 January 2022 remains on bail.

As the outcome of bail reviews does not impact the progression of investigations, Greater Manchester Police will not be providing any further updates in relation to this case until the suspect is charged or released facing no further action.

Greenwood, who spent three nights in police custody following his arrest, has been suspended indefinitely by his English Premier League employers.

As well as being suspended at Old Trafford, Greenwood has also seen Nike cancel all commercial partnerships with him.

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