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Manchester United fans were surprised to see Mason Greenwood’s player profile active on the club’s official website.

The 20-year-old was by Man United suspended back in January and is currently out on bail after his arrest on suspicion of rape, sexual assault and threats to kill a young woman.

Recently, some fans found out that Greenwood was still visible on the club website – leading some to speculate that he could be reinstated.

This has forced the English club to release a statement on the matter.

It read:

There has been no change whatsoever in Mason’s status.

We removed his profile from the club app soon after he was removed from the squad in January.

This was in order to remove Mason from interactive elements of the app, such as team predictions etc.

However, his profile was never removed from the website as he remains a Manchester United player, albeit not currently part of the squad while the legal process unfolds.

According to The Mirror, Greenwood’s bail will expire on 30 April, at which point it could be extended.

Elsewhere, Greenwood has been removed from FIFA 22 and Cadbury, one of United’s partners, but everything has gone quiet in recent months with the investigation ongoing.

Greenwood made his senior debut for United in March 2019 and made a total of 129 appearances for the club.

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