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The mother of a young Everton fan who seemingly had his phone slapped out of his hand by Cristiano Ronaldo in a controversial incident last weekend has rejected the Manchester United star’s offer to meet him and attend a match at Old Trafford.

A frustrated Ronaldo was caught on camera appearing to knock 14-year-old Jake Harding’s phone to the ground as he left the pitch and headed down the Goodison Park tunnel following United’s dismal 1-0 defeat on Merseyside on Saturday.

Merseyside Police in UK have since confirmed they are investigating the incident that Jake’s mother Sarah Kelly called an “assault” and said left her son, who has autism and dyspraxia and was attending his first match at the weekend, with a smashed phone and bruise to his hand.

Ronaldo subsequently issued a social media apology after the incident, writing on Instagram. And Manchester United said yesterday that they not punish  Ronaldo for his misbhaviour.

Ms Kelly now says she has no intention of taking her son to Old Trafford to meet Ronaldo and watch a United game as she heavily criticised the Portuguese forward’s apology.

She told Sky News:

I’ve got nothing to say to [him]. Why should I travel to Old Trafford? Why would ‘a Blue’ want to go to [visit] ‘a Red’?

If he [Ronaldo] was genuine, I think he should have turned around at the moment of the incident, picked Jake’s phone up and been like, ‘I’m sorry’.

That was the biggest laugh for me: ‘sportsmanship’. When you can do that to a 14-year-old boy. That’s not sportsmanship at all.

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