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The Nigeria Football Federation will launch a probe into allegations of match-fixing following the bizarre penalty shoutout between Remo Stars and Ijebu United during the Ogun State FA Cup final last Thursday.

This follows an incident captured in a video, that has since gone viral, where the Remo Stars goalkeeper appeared to do little to stop the opposition penalties while Remo players seemed to purposely miss the target.

Ijibu went on to win the match 3-0 on penalties in what was the regional qualifying tournament where both finalists qualify for the National FA Cup competition but the incident left a bitter taste in the mouths of observers who suspected something sinister might have been at play and now NFF what to find out what exactly happened.

NFF general secretary Mohammed Sanusi told ESPN:

There will be an investigation.

It is very, very embarrassing. I have already directed the head of the NFF Head of Integrity to handle the investigation.

Remo Stars had, however, denied the match-fixing allegations.

By Amara

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