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Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra has slammed the club’s current team.

Man United manager Erik ten Hag has overseen humiliating defeats to Brighton and Brentford in the team’s first two English Premier League games of the new season.

And according to Evra, Man United new manager Erik ten Hag has been “fooled” by some of his players at Old Trafford.

Speaking to Betfair, Evra said:

It’s deja vu and I’m not surprised. I see the same players, there’s no confidence and I think we have got carried away with the pre-season.

When the league starts things are totally different, sometimes I even prefer to have a bad pre-season, then it means you have to work hard, your legs are heavy.

When you’re too sharp in pre-season and you look good, that means you’re not working hard enough.

I also blame Ten Hag – he’s been fooled by all those players, the same way other managers have been fooled by them.

In pre-season they looked so good, and he would have been excited to make them even better, but no. Psychologically they are broken.

If they don’t fight anymore it’s because those players don’t want to be there and they don’t respect the badge. Let’s be clear. Brentford were 4-0 up after 35 minutes,” he added.

When I saw that I wasn’t surprised, and that’s the worst part. What did we expect after seeing the same midfield, the same team, what does anyone expect?

I don’t know if Ten Hag wanted different players. I don’t know if he wanted to get rid of some players but they couldn’t because their salary was too high.

That’s why I’m angry with the players because it’s down to them.

Manchester United will play Liverpool tonight in the English Premier League.

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