Manchester United superstar Paul Pogba took to social media to reveal that his home was burgled while his side play 2-1 aggregate defeat to Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League last-16 on Tuesday night.

According to the midfielder who was subbed on in the second half of his side’s 1-0 loss at Old Trafford, which saw Man United knocked out of the competition 2-1 on aggregate, his children were asleep when his home was burgled.

He said on Twitter:

Last night our family’s worst nightmare was realized when our home was broken into and burglarized while our babies were sleeping in their bedroom.

The burglars were in our home for less than five minutes but in that time they took from us something more valuable than anything we had in our home… our sense of safety and security.

This occurred during the final minutes of last night’s match when they knew that we would not be home. My wife and I rushed home not knowing if our children were safe and unharmed. As a father there is no feeling worse in this world than not being there to protect your children and I sincerely hope that no one ever has to feel what I felt last night.

It is for this reason that I would like to offer a reward for anyone who has a clue to help us. Please send any info to


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