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Wayne Rooney has hit back at critics who’ve said he’s taking a step backwards in his management career after being confirmed as the new manager of D.C. United.

The former Manchester United and Everton striker revealed in his unveiling that he finds it ‘disrespectful’ to MLS that some have perceived his move to be the wrong one in his career.

He said:

I really find that a bit disrespectful (taking a backwards step) to this league.

I feel the experience I gained at Derby County over the past 18 months has been great in my development as a manager and to come back here to the MLS, to D.C. United, was an exciting challenge for me. I feel I can develop here as a coach, but also the team need to improve. That’s obvious for everyone to see.

I really believe with my capabilities of developing young players that we can get this club back to successful ways again.

It’s going to take a lot of hard work but I’m here to do it and really improve the team.

As a player, playing at the top level you could really choose which club you want to go to. As a manager I’m at the beginning of that journey — I have to put the work, the hours in…One day I want to manage at the top level. And this is part of that process.

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