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Wayne Rooney says free agent Luis Suarez isn’t right for DC United, arguing he prefers players “who are hungry”.

Rooney took charge of the MLS club this week and was asked about potential signings, but indicated he would look more to up-and-coming options to bolster his squad.

Suarez, 35, left Atletico Madrid after last season and is looking for a new club to keep him fresh ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

Rooney said in a press conference:

I respect Luis Suarez a lot – he’s an incredible player – but what I want players who are hungry.

I want players to come to this club who are hungry and who want to come to the club but also have a lot to give and are capable of playing every game, attending every training session.

So we’re working extremely hard to identify the right profile of players we want to bring in and I’m sure in the near future, we’ll have an announcement to make on new signings.

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