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Tottenham star Emerson Royal has thanked an off-duty police officer after escaping an armed robbery attempt in Brazil.

Returning to his home country for a break following the culmination of the English Premier League season, the 23-year-old was involved in an incident in the early hours of Friday morning.

According to reports, Emerson had just left a nightclub in Sao Paolo when he was targeted by robbers at around 3am.

It was reported that he was taking photos with an off-duty policeman, who then walked him towards his car, when an individual pointed a gun at him and demanded his belongings.

29 shots were fired in the incident, one of which caught the back of the assailant which meant he had to be sent to hospital.

Emerson later posted on Instagram a picture of himself and the officer:

God sends angels to earth, this is confirmed every day in my life.

This human being, I call him an angel, risked his own life to save mine.

I will be forever grateful to you, you were fundamental for me to be here today.

Thank you, thank you thank you. (This photo was moments before the event, where he said he was my fan and asked for a photo with me).

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