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Nigeria and Napoli striker Victor Osimhen has been dragged to court by his former agent, according to OwnGoalNigeria.

It is also noted that the former agent is the brother-in-law of the 23-year-old.

Osimhen left Lille for Napoli in September 2020 for €71.2million (N31billion), which seems to be four times his real value in the market.

Napoli’s payment was so high that French and Italian law enforcement agencies intervened and caused trouble for Napoli and Osimhen, with reports stating that Lille’s headquarters was raided because of the deal. Even Napoli were dragged to court because of alleged inflation in the value of the transfer.

And now according to the report,  Osimhen’s former agent Osita Okolo has filed a complaint against him at the Ikeja Magistrate court on account of his refusal to pay him his commission from the deal.

Okolo alleges that Osimhen kept most of the commission from his transfer to Napoli for himself because some of his family members in Nigeria needed it.

This lawsuit is coming two months after Osimhen ended his partnership with Okolo and he was replaced by Roberto Calenda.

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